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Val Kambel – Val Is Shy, But She’s Showing Us Her Pussy!

Val Is Coy, But She’s Showing Us Her Cunt!

Val Is Bashful, But She's Showing Us Her Wet crack!

Val Kambel, 53, is a pleasing Georgia peach with a damp body. She’s a bit timid at 1st, which this babe associates with being bound down to a bad relationship for also long. Now that babe is free of that marriage and on to a new stud who appreciates her newfound carnal attitude. Somebody who knows her would be shocked to see her here or at, but that babe doesn’t care. As Val puts it, she’s in the prime of her life and nobody can stop her!

40SOMETHING: Do u ever wake up in the morning saying, you know what? I am probably going to have sex today, I’m going to dress a certain way.
VAL: Completely! I like putting on glamorous garments.

40SOMETHING: So let us say you want to turn your lady-killer on. What do you wear for that?
VAL: Short-shorts. Short suit. I unveil lots of leg. It’s probably ‘cuz I am 5’7″ and a lot taller with heels.

40SOMETHING: Was turning 50 a bigger than standard deal for you?
VAL: Not indeed. Forty is the one that got me. 50 did not trouble me at all. Forty gotta me cuz it was like a mile marker for me. I was getting older. I survived it, though! I got divorced in my mid-forties, likewise.

40SOMETHING: Have any kids?
VAL: Oh yes. But they’re grown and out of the house and living on their own. They’d completely be shocked to watch Mama here! Truly, most people would. I am a very intimate person.

40SOMETHING: Let’s say u were single. You would not just walk up to a dude and clutch him and hug him?
VAL: No, the man has to make the 1st move. Always.

40SOMETHING: But what if u were lying in ottoman with your boyfriend and you are sexually excited. Would you make the first move then?
VAL: Totally. I’ll go right for his cock and stick it str8 in my mouth, especially with morning wood. U don’t want it to go to waste! Sometimes it is a lot harder in the morning. I’ll stick it in my face hole and begin licking with tongue and sucking and intend to town.

40SOMETHING: How long does it take for him to wake up?
VAL: Just a minute, at no time longer!

40SOMETHING: You’re blushing! You are sat here, getting ready to be a adult star, and you’re blushing!
VAL: It is also laughable, isn’t it?

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Marie Leone – Tits Out For The Boys

Breasts Out For The Lads

Tits Out For The Boys

Marie Leone has a super-natural body. When her original submission pictures arrived in 2013, everyone at SCORELAND went crackers over her. That babe was Nineteen. Marie began sprouting her twin mountains when she hit 14.

“Before that I was extremely flat-chested and slight. In school, I had greater titties than any teacher. Being a glamour model is the most-fun job I have ever had. I’m pleased I applied to SCORE.”

Marie’s peculiar talents.

“Don’t laugh but I can juggle during the time that hopping on one leg, whilst trying to dance and whistle or sing, all at the same time. I know, embarrassing, isn’t it?”

Fetishes, yeah or no?

“My type of fetish is role playing. Either I am the one in control or somebody else is. I kind of like it.”

Flying solo?

“I mostly masturbate during anal or when I am just bored and truly, actually slutty and the merely thing I’ve got is my hand so why not just use it?”

Inspect Marie’s Bonus episode, “Boobs Over Miami.” Wonder-girl hits city and stops traffic. No surprise there. One more day in the life of a super-natural.

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Val Kambel – It’s A Tight Fit In Val’s Asshole

It’s A Tight Fit In Val’s Rectal hole

It's A Constricted Fit In Val's Asshole

When Val Kambel, a 53-year-old Mommy and grandmother from Tampa, Florida, made her screwing debut, we asked her if the people this babe knows would be surprised to watch her here. And Val told, “Oh my god, yep! I am not into porn.”

Well, as of that scene, porn is into her, and if those people back home were surprised to watch her the 1st time, imagine how surprised they’re gonna be when they see her getting ass-fucked on-camera.

“I do adore anal,” Val said. “It can be very pleasure. When it is done missionary style and done correctly with some care, I will indeed cum. Don’t just hit it!”

Val is a little shy when that babe is talking about sex. This babe calls her pussy her love tunnel. This babe doesn’t say “tits.” That babe says “breasts.” But she’s a nudist and a swinger, and this babe isn’t hesitant about showing us her wet crack or getting ass-fucked on-camera.

Here, Val is wearing a short suit. Tony pulls aside her briefs to inspect her pussy then acquires her on all fours to inspect and finger her asshole. When the inspection is finished, Val sucks his meat-thermometer then rides his ramrod. Lastly, she gets on all fours anew so Tony can slide his cock into her asshole. It is a taut fit. It’s a wonderful fit. Did this guy do it right, Val?

“Did this charmer ever!”

The smile and cum on her face says it all.

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Nicole Peters – On Location Costa del Sol.–Chapter 4

On Location Costa del Sol.–Chapter 4

On Location Costa del Sol.--Chapter 4

In the culmination of the now-Classic SCORE bigger in size than standard boob episode On Location Costa del Sol, Ines Cudna takes to her couch in the centre of the afternoon. Not to nap but to masturbate whilst this babe fantasizes about her stud travelers and classmates. This babe craves to recall her experience with Cassandra in the Fitness Centre during the time that the memory of her seduction is recent in her mind.

Meanwhile, Kerry Marie is still sexually excited after her pool side oil-down and double-header dildo diddle with Cassandra, a woman who loves twat and knows how to make gals cum. Kerry finds a quiet spot on the lawn to fib down and fuck herself each which way with a very thick and pliable toy. Kerry has an explosive greater than standard O, her stupendous, alluring marangos shaking, jiggling and swinging.

Totally undressed, Cassandra walks in on Ines in her bedroom and takes over one time more, fondling Ines’ body and playing with her larger than typical natural pointer sisters. Cassandra has Ines use the sex toy on her cookie, then tells Ines, “stick it in my butt.” As Ines works the vibrator in and without Cassandra’s gazoo, this babe goes desirous with sex fever. The girls go down on every other with juicy tongues, then Cassandra fucks Ines’s thick-lipped seize with the buzzing vibe. They cum like potty.

Cassandra should have opened a clinic for the study of the female agonorgasmos next to her modeling academy for big busted cuties.

Class is dismissed! Everyone graduates.

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Savannah Steele – It’s Big-Cock Time For Savannah

It’s Big-Cock Time For Savannah

It's Big-Cock Time For Savannah

Savannah Steele, a 44-year-old Mother of 2 teenagers from South Carolina, returns to hit the bigger in size than typical time, and we do mean big. This time, Savannah is taking on JMac’s larger than run of the mill, thick 10-Pounder, and when a woman does that, you know she’s really gone all the way.

“Thick and giant,” Savannah told of JMac’s tool. “But I got nearly the whole thing in my mouth”

The thing is, though, that Savannah is a little female at 5’1″, 123 pounds, so although we know her face hole could take JMac’s wang, we wondered about her wet crack. Well, JMac’s tool does a number on Savannah’s fur pie, but this babe manages to stretch her lips around it for a unfathomable, rock hard fuck.

Savannah is blonde and has larger than standard melons. She too has a gaping twat, at least when it’s just been screwed by a stupendous schlong. When JMac is ready to cum, Savannah widens her face hole so he can shoot his cum inside. But not all of the ball cream makes it down her face hole. Some of it drips down onto her DD-cups.

Savannah has been with us one time previous to. We asked her if this babe viewed her first scene, and that babe said, “Yes, alone. I masturbated to it. I thought it was sexy. I got instantly wet. It made me want more sex.”

And what a mastix love Savannah craves, a gal love Savannah gets.

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Lily Madison – English Flower

English Flower

English Flower

“Guys always say, ‘I adore it when you squeeze your boobies. You do not even notice you’re doing it,’” says Lily Madison. This phenomenon of angels subconsciously touching, lifting up and adjusting their mammaries has been noted for many years at SCORE. Farther research is needed.

Lily’s sheer negligee is just the right outfit for a sleep-over or a sorority slumber party. (“My much loved thing to dress up as is a sailor or a schoolgirl.”) After lazily undressing to her nylons and heels, Lily enjoys her larger than average scones and her pink snatch enjoys the nerve-tingling touch of her fingers. That babe makes one of the prettiest cum-faces at SCORELAND.

Lily was the bustiest goddess in her school and being skinny accentuated her big natural milk cans even more. “The solely sports I’d do were ping-pong and trampolining. My mum wrote a note for me to acquire out of anything else.” No doubt the male faculty and her male classmates were very frustrated.

Lily’s beloved kind of dates are going for a drive and intend to the zoo or the aquarium. That babe too likes to go ice skating. The image of her skating in a super-tight sweater and micro-skirt does not leave a smooth operator cold.

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Nicole Peters – SCORE Classics: On Location Costa del Sol.–Extras

SCORE Classics: On Location Costa del Sol.–Extras

SCORE Classics: On Location Costa del Sol.--Extras

The extras of On Location Costa del Sol includes footage of Kerry Marie, Ines Cudna, Cassandra and Nicole Peters posing for photo discharges plus an extended scene of Ines in daybed. Shot in Spain, Costa del Sol featured Kerry using toys for the first time. It was the 1st and solely time those four all-natural superstars met.

After Costa del Sol wrapped, Kerry told, “I learned some fresh techniques for insertion positions with dildos and sex-toys, which I have at not time endevoured before. It was a recent experience. It’s the hottest episode I have ever been in. It is sex tools, fingers, things love that. It was a bit nerve-wracking at first, but Cassandra’s actually ravishing and helped me out, so I was ok. This babe knows what to do. She helped me just by talking me throughout it. I really didn’t know what to wait, but she was worthwhile. I spent a precious, inactive day with her at the pool, and then we did our scene, which was brilliant. She showed me specific little ways so the lad can watch what you have got there. This babe showed me how to position it right, how to hold it right, the right poses. All these things I have never done in advance of. But it was very pleasing, very hot. You watch me doing things I’d not at any time done in advance of. Things I by no means thought I would do.”

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Lucy Love – Stacked & Serviced

Stacked & Serviced

Stacked & Serviced

When your car breaks down anywhere, it’s at no time a nice situation. Hours of waiting for help. Missed meetings, meals, sleep. The expense and aggravation. But in Europe, better minds have detected a way to revolutionize roadside assistance. Our sample is enchanting Lucy Adore.

Tow-truck companies shag their customers but usually not literally. But they do in this episode. Hungarian pornstar Lucy Love is a tow-truck driver’s dream goddess. Lucy’s job is to aid stranded motorists. More like bonk them is her real job. This tow lorry company bonks stranded drivers.

Who has met a big breasted tow-truck driver who looks adore Lucy? No one. After pulling over to assist a stud who’s broken down, they receive down to fuckin’ and suckin’. Lucy checks his greasy oil, checking his dipstick by suckin’ on it. They toss a screw blanket by the car. Lucy lies back so this dude can mount her in missionary, checking her transmission fluid with his penis, then screwing her doggy position and in reverse-cowgirl. This man cleans her hood with his nut-fluid and that babe licks his stick clean as the cum oozes down her bigger in size than typical pantoons. This is exceptional customer service.

When your car breaks down and you call the Stacked Wench Automobile Club, Lucy will be there in a hardly any minutes to acquire you back up anew. For sample, within a hardly any minutes of arriving at the breakdown point, Lucy will have almost all of your cock in her face hole during the time that her tutored hands methodically squeeze your balls.

For safety’s sake, certainly, u and Lucy will be on the side of the road on a blanket so one more motorist doesn’t drive over the one and the other of you. She’ll assume the poses of your choice, dramatized here, and take your penis deep–like a meat dipstick merely bigger–until u blow your gasket over her wobblers or butt cheeks, face, face hole or cunt. And every Stacked Doxy Automobile Club representative is guaranteed to arrive at your breakdown location dressed in the skimpiest, cleavage-exposing way possible.

Cheerful motoring!

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